Lack of courage or bravery have deprived many the opportunity of reaching their dreams and fulfilling their  purpose on earth.

The first emotion known to man is fear. This explains why we all cried the day we were born.

What is Fear?

Fear is the body’s natural response to the brain’s fight or flight; the brain sends cortisol to the nervous system causing the body to go into a state of hyper-drive.This chemical reaction raises the heart rate.

 I can only imagine living  in that  state constantly, it is obviously  not a pleasant  place to be. 

What is the opposite of Fear? 


I think the opposit of fear is bravery which connotes courageous behaviour meaning that it is perfect to be afraid but you have to make up your mind to keep moving.  Remember, no one is born brave or courageous therefore,  they are learned behaviours and you too can learn to be courageous  in the face of  terror.

How to overcome fear

  1. Understand that Fear is a Lie

When you understand that your fear is  false, you will dare to try to brave it. You will dare to be courageous knowing that everything exhilarating  is on the other side of your fear. Imagine the most blissful experience of braving what you thought was impossible.

To  be great ; you must be brave and courageous as lack of these essentials will limit your potential and make you live an unfulfilled life constantly. When you overcome fear; you gain self-confidence to chase your dreams and aspirations. 

      2.  Avoid Self-criticism or Blames

Stop judging yourself when you fail. Never allow  feelings of personal inadequacy into your thoughts. Though fear and faith will always make it to our habour but it is our choice to only allow faith drop anchor. The world has taught us to have doubts in our minds which has conditioned and enslaved many minds.  These doubts  makes the victim dependent rather than independent. 
    3. Reinforce Your Success

Courage does not mean ignoring fear as that will be ignorant but you must constantly remind yourself of your past sucess or victory over fear.  Courage is all about finding the strength to keep moving in the midst of  fear. When you remind yourself of those times it seemed impossible until you did it then you can do it again.

    4. Face Your Fear

The more you avoid your fears, the more they become stronger but if you face your fear and fight it you become stronger. When you expose  yourself to your fears, your brain will be trained to face them easily.  If you desire to invite someone on a date, public speaking, catch a spider, or go sky driving, do it without hesitation. After you have dealt with your fear of doing those things you dreaded, you can reinforce your success by treating yourself to a reward. 

     5. Discuss Your Fear

Talking to someone about your fears can help you figure the source of your fear and help you realise that it is not as scary as you had imagined. You could talk to your family, partner, friends or a therapist like a transformational coach for professional advice. There are also online help forum where you can discuss your fear anonymously.  

   6. Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation can make you become aware of both your mental and exterior state. When you feel  overwhelmed by fear, simply remember the practices you have learned from meditation and mindfulness, the biblical teachings or other religious practices  familiar to you like  praying. This exercise will keep you stronger than your fear.

     7. Leave Your Comfort Zone

It takes a lot coureage to step out of our comfort zone as the thought of doing so alone could lead to anxiety. It is one of the best ways to practice courage. If you keep on doing the same thing every day in a routine, you are in your comfort zone and it is insanity to expect a different result from same old thing. You must dare to do new things or do things differently. Leaving your comfort zone will help overcoming your fear. When you dare to be adventurous; you learn to cope with the unexpected and become braver.


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