Be Free 

 You have to claim back your freedom from the world’s opinions and rules to become responsible for your actions because, that is the way you can  succeed. Early in life, we were thought follow rules made by our parents. Often times were expected to obtain permission to do things such as returning home past curfew time, chill with friends or do things that is not in rules 

I believe we are all adults now and life is no longer same  so, do we still have to seek  permission to be who we want to be?

I don’t think we really need permission form anybody even though you may need to seek permission at the workplace to leave early, arrive late, or to be absent, you don’t need permission to live your life and begin who you are called to be.

 Quit Seeking for Permission 

 The society we live in has made us accustomed to seeking permissions even where it is not necessary because it is now difficult to recognise  activities or occasions that requires the approval of others. It is high time you give you take adequate charge of your life. The only person you need permission from is yourself so quit seeking approval to bd you it is not a happy place to be.

Be Free To Be You

It is high time you feel free and become the champion of your own life. To be free means  doing things you want without seeking permission from anyone 

You are responsible for the majority of things that have happened in your life. Be lifted, charge your confidence and enjoy your life.

Doors of Opportunity 

The key to this door is right in your hands so use it. The great door of opportunity is out there waiting for you, but only if you choose to take them. 

If you complain about your current job, who do you think applied for it? If you want to quit your job, who do you think will decide to do it? You can blame everything and everyone  for not reaching your goals, but you need to make a U-turn to yourself and take all the blame.

You have been taught to submit yourself to living an ordinary life while hiding your true self. But, living this way will make miserable. You only live once, so you need to do what you want and what you think is right for yourself. Arise and start being you.  

Choose How You Want To Live Your Life 

There are two ways to live your  life. You can spend the rest of your life complaining about how the world 

Or, you can start taking responsibility for your life and  start living. 

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