img_20150422_184749-440354798.jpgWhilst drag queens or male barbies are becoming slayers, tomboys are busy climbing trees, wearing boxer shorts and swimming trunks.

Parents admire strong female characters in the books but worries about dealing with a real life tomboy in the family. According to Prof, Carrie Paechter:

“Tomboys are now rare and parents do worry about their daughter being a tomboy- it is not what they expect but they will often worry about the unexpected.”

Some girls identify as ‘active girls’. They can dress like tomboy, play football with boys and the next minute they are wearing a pinky or red lipsticks and let down their hair for some fun.


This young girl was a boy. Every time she travelled to her home town, a hamlet located in the Eastern part of Nigeria, she would climb trees and swim the river with boys.

dsc_1767-1576964386.jpgWhen festive season ended she returns to the city where she would attend parties and work as a disc jockey for fun.

But why are some girls tomboy?

Girls could become tomboys for a couple of reasons:

    • Evidence of high level of male hormone known as testosterone in a mother while pregnant.
    • Growing up among many boys. For instance, being the only girl amongst five brothers could be the influence.
    • First daughter and Daddy’s love could also lead to such, especially when the girl begins to see her dad as her role model and more drawn to his lifestyle.

    Apparently, there is really nothing wrong with being a tomboy as George of the famous five and fearless Jo had more fun than Anne, the girlie girl who was left to do all the boring stuff.

    Interestingly, many girls who never bothered about beauty, fashion or dolls change with time and become even more girlie girl than always the girlie girl.

    How a tomboy became a girlie girl is always a mystery to all who knew her including herself. I really do not know how I changed but I know that:

    “I am more attuned with my femininity, am now a barbie in my own world, and I celebrate being a woman and its beauty which could be expressed in diverse ways. I can wear a dress, a skirt or wrapper and still feel beautifully powerful.”

    I am a garlie girl now and am loving it. You too can embrace your femininity and start living!

    Now, tell us…

    Were you a tomboy? 🙂

    Was your sister or friend a tomboy?

    We would like to read your tomboy story too 🤗👧

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