Today we would be talking about FOCUS ON MULTITASKING.

— How do you focus on multitasking? A situation where, by the definition, several things happening at once ? Well, the key πŸ”‘ to successful focus is attention. When several things are happening simultaneously , you need to only concentrate on one thing at a time. This doesn’t mean you bring one task to full completion before you start another. Rather you spend just enough time on a given task to take it to the next stage of development and then you turn your attention to another task . In some sense it’s a little like being a mother duck with ducklings. You give your attention to the duckling that is farthest out of line, nudging it forward to where it should be before you turn your attention to the next Little Duck. Each duckling gets a measure of your focus, but none get full attention all the time . In this way, each task gets moved along in turn , and all are successfully completed in time.

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