Ebonyi: Soldiers Rescue Malnourished Child Abandoned In A Shrine.

Nigeria soldiers at the 24 support Engineer Regiment Abakaliki has rescued a malnourished child abandoned in a house suspected to be a shrine while on a search of a missing soldier.

REGAL TV gathered that the child whose identity, parents and locality is yet to be ascertained was rescued by the soldiers during the search and rescue their colleague one, L/Cpl Oluwabukunmi Fadoju who got missing on the 17 September 2018.
The troops of the 24 Support Engineer Regiment Abakaliki according to an eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said that when the troops got to Onunwakpu in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State market on 16 November 2018, they discovered a malnourished child locked up in a house.
According to the eyewitness, the child was seated under a charm and was picking leaves from ground to eat. Shocked by the situation, the troops went inside the house but could not find anyone except the child.
They brought the child out and consequently burnt the charms, gave the child some banana and biscuits to eat, and thereafter, took him to Medical Reception Station for treatment.

REGAL TV gathered that the military personals have handed over to Ebonyi State Government to enable the state unravel the mystery behind the child being kept in a shrine and the perpetrators of the act.
When contacted, the Commander, Nkwagu Military Cantonment, Lt, Col Sadiq, said that the rescue of the child was part of the military program of rescuing victims held hostage by their captives.

Lt Col Sadiq said that his men are still searching for the military personal who is yet to be found adding that they would still rescue any other victim if found during the search.

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